Easy Spring-Cleaning Ideas

  •         Take a rest and make a schedule

Well taking a rest first isn’t that hard to do, right? Just have some breakfast and drink your favorite caffeine, chocolate or juice to make your day energized. But before doing so, make sure that the day that you will clean your house is free and away from your date complications. You don’t want to get disturb when you’re in the middle of cleaning and have remembered that you do have other errands to do, isn’t that true? So, it is important to plan your actions.

  •         Polished the dirtiest area

This would be a great suggestion to start with the dirtiest area of your home which is your comfort room or your kitchen. Starting with the dirtiest one will help you to clean other parts of your home easier. Clean the parts of your home one by one and don’t rush having them cleaned right away to maintain true cleanliness.

  •         Sweep and Mop

These are the most common ways of cleaning a home. Sweeping throughout your house is indeed exhausting but what can make you feel worse is by mopping. It is a combination of sweeping to your floor, but with water and detergent on it. You can scrub the counters or cabinets in your home as well to thoroughly cleanse your home. After these, spray disinfectant to make insects and germs away.

  •         Change soft furnishings

In the final touch of cleaning your house, a new soft furnishing will please the eyes of people that will see your home. Imagine for a look that is new such as your curtains, beddings, blankets and carpets that is one of the satisfying moments in cleaning.

  •         Take a Shower

After you spend your whole day cleaning your home, a great shower will help your body relax. The feeling of refreshment will benefit yourself to sleep well. Listen to some music that will calm your body and mind. You may also light a scented candle with your favorite scent.

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